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Auditory Processing Tests in San Antonio & Hill Country

Testing and Treatment for Auditory Processing Disorder

Auditory processing refers to how your brain interprets and recognizes sounds. If this process is disrupted in some way, an auditory processing disorder may be responsible. Auditory processing disorders (APD) impact your brain's ability to properly interpret or process sound. If you have already gone through tests for other types of hearing loss or disorders and are still having difficulty with your hearing, you may need to go through an auditory processing test. How do we test for auditory processing disorders? At Associates of Audiology, we can perform a comprehensive evaluation to diagnose APD.

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Symptoms of Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)

When a breakdown occurs in the transmission of sound, it can cause significant learning difficulties. It can also affect a person's ability to properly understand speech and a variety of other difficulties. This is very common in children and often develops during childhood, although people of any age can develop this disorder. Auditory processing disorder can be different for every individual, which is why we go through thorough testing to make a diagnosis.

A few of the most common characteristics and signs include:

  • Distracted by background noises
  • Asking frequently for repetition
  • Difficulty following directions
  • Problems with distinguishing sounds
  • Inability to listen to auditory stimuli for long
  • Quickly forgetting what was said
  • Frustration with learning
  • Easily distracted or frustrated with too much noise
  • Appearing to not listen or daydream

Begin Treating APD Today

Once testing is completed and all of the data has been compiled, our San Antonio audiologists can make a recommendation on the best way to target your problem areas. This may include auditory training therapy, custom hearing protection, or even using an FM system in the classroom for young patients still in school.

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