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San Antonio Newborn Hearing Tests

Pediatric Audiologists in San Antonio Diagnosing Infant Hearing Loss

Texas law requires that a newborn baby goes through a newborn hearing test. Our experienced San Antonio and Hill Country audiologist at Associates of Audiology can perform a comprehensive evaluation to fully assess your newborn's hearing abilities. Our team has over 30 years of combined experience treating patients of all ages.

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Comprehensive Newborn Hearing Evaluations

The purpose of a newborn hearing test is to identify any problems or signs of hearing loss in infants after their birth. Hearing loss is somewhat common in newborns, affecting roughly 3 of every 1000 infants. Early diagnosis and intervention can help ensure that your baby has the tools they need to hear properly. Whether you have been referred to us for additional testing or you still need to give your baby its first test, we can provide the assistance you need.

A few reasons that an infant may require testing include:

  • The ear canal was blocked
  • There was middle ear fluid or infection
  • Your baby was too fussy at the first screening
  • Your child was born at home
  • Child failed the initial screening
  • Your child missed the initial screening

Why Is Early Testing Important for Newborns?

We want to stress that it is never too early to assess how your baby's hearing. Many parents are under the misconception that early screenings are unimportant because they do not pick up much, but this is far from the truth. When hearing loss is untreated or undetected, it can lead to serious problems with development, as well as emotional and social problems. Early testing and detection can help implement treatment if necessary and create a program specifically for their needs.

To set up an appointment for a newborn hearing test in San Antonio or Hill Country, contact our pediatric audiologist today!

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