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Take Steps Towards Preventing Hearing Loss

Hearing loss does not often happen suddenly or all at once. It happens over time and typically as a result of ignoring signs that your hearing is going or not taking steps to protect your hearing. Whether you have been diagnosed with hearing loss or you are taking proactive measures, a trained San Antonio and Hill Country audiologist can provide you with professional help. At Associates of Audiology, we recommend early intervention as the most effective type of treatment. We can help diagnose hearing loss in the early stages and help you conserve your hearing.

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What Can You Do to Conserve Your Hearing?

In most cases, a person's hearing starts to fade slowly and it goes unnoticed. Maybe it seems like your friends are mumbling or that the TV isn't playing very loudly. If you can hear some, you may think that your hearing is fine. However, as hearing loss increases, it can cause you to feel like you are cut off from sound and speech around you. Practicing hearing conservation is essential to prevent any further hearing loss.

A few steps that you can take include:

  • Wearing earplugs or other protective gear when participating in a loud activity
  • Learning what noises are at or above 85 decibels and can cause damage
  • Be aware of loud and hazardous noises in your environment
  • Have your hearing tested by a professional

Speak with a San Antonio and Hill Country Audiologist

Our doctors can conduct a hearing test to gauge the current state of your hearing and offer treatment solutions if necessary. Once we meet with you and learn more about things that could be affecting your hearing on a day-to-day basis, we can recommend strategies to help preserve your hearing.

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